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There are various ways you can relocate to the United Kingdom legally. But in this book, you are going to discover the easy way


Learn Step by step process on how to relocate your family to the United Kingdom in two months

Certified Orientation

Topics covered in the book

An 8 week DIY step by step process on how to relocate with your family ( a week by week checklist

Bonus: how to earn and save half a million naira monthly living abroad after all expense is paid.

This book is for you if:

  • you desire a better quality of life for yourself and your family
  • you desire a quality education for your kids and at the same time be free from paying school fees
  • your goal is to travel abroad to make some money so you can send it home to fund your business or family project
  • You want to relocate yourself and your family abroad this year and you don’t know where to start 
  • you desire better value for your time in terms of earning good income when converted to Nigerian currency
  • you are sick and tired of treating malaria all the time
  • Canada is your desired country but you’ve been denied a visa. As a student in the UK, you can travel to visit Canada and decide if that’s where you want to reside after your study.

You do not just get this book- you also get this amazing bonus free !


An 8 - page e-book that reveals the secret to banking half a million naira monthly after paying all bills even as a student studying abroad. BUY THE EBOOK AND GET THE BONUS

Our Happy Clients!

"This book is a lifesaver for anyone serious about relocating abroad. It's a roadmap and very straight to the point. It's like a one-stop-shop for relocating, it has everything anyone needs to get started. I like the fact that the cost of the travel process is highlighted in the book ."
Oluwaseun Abiodun
"Vera Adetobi and her team are a structured support system that you can rely on. It’s my first time traveling abroad, the team ensured my family joined me abroad within a month. I’ve never seen such overwhelming support as regards accommodation, settling my kids in school, jobs and the highlight of it is how I’m able to earn and save such an incredible amount of money monthly. It's amazing!o."
Temilola Ijabumoye
"Relocate your family " is the book for you right now if you have plans to relocate your family. This book is so explanatory and direct on the steps you need to take, I use to be very confused about my relocation plans, I also thought I need to have an unusually huge amount of money to relocate my family, but this book has opened my eyes to a very simple and affordable way to go about my relocation plans. I would recommend this book for you if you have been confused about how to go about relocating your family to the UK. "
Victoria Effiong

Get your copy of Relocate Your Family Ebook now!

This 42-page book is a self-help e-guide that gives you all the information you need to start your traveling process and relocate with your family in two months on your own without the need for an agent. However, if you think you still need an agent, the link to access our trusted agents is included in the book.



This bundle is ideal if you have a family. You would not need to pay a separate visa processing fee for each member of your dependants

The Uk Family Bundle is a package that was designed to help relocate you and your family from where you are now to where you want to be in the UK without you having to struggle in the UK without help or support.

The UK family Bundle is for you if:

  • you are ready to travel with your family and you want all of the processes (admission, visa, flight, )done for you in one place
  • you have a large family and are worried about the cost of having to process for each member of your family separately.
  • You need advice on how to build your bank statement
  • You want a job as soon as you arrive in the Uk so you can start earning and saving without delay
  • You want your kids settled in school quickly in the Uk without missing term
  • Canada is your target location but you want to use the UK as the first step
  • You need more information and support on how you and your spouse can start saving half a million naira monthly as soon as you arrive in the UK
  • You’ll like support from other families like yours who are traveling to the same location
  • You would like to stay permanently in the UK with your family after your studies
  • You’ll like to have first-hand information on opportunities in the UK
  • You are ready to travel but don’t know where to start
  • If you answered yes to any of the above, then you should get the UK Family Bundle here

The Uk Family Bundle is a package that was designed to help relocate you and your family from where you are now to where you want to be in the UK without you having to struggle in the UK without help or support

Here is what is contained in the UK Family Bundle

  • Admission and Visa Processing for you: Value.
  • Visa Processing for up to the fifth member of your nuclear family: Value.
  • Access to a private support group where all questions are answered and also network with other travelers. I and my team are usually on a live video call with members weekly: Value.
  • The secret to landing your first corporate job within 10 days of arrival in the UK which automatically places you above minimum wage.
  • Help and support with getting affordable accommodation and settling your kids in school: Value.
  • Lifetime Access to consultation and support from me and my team concerning living permanently in the UK or migrating to other countries:  value -priceless


About The Author

Vera Adetobi

United Kingdom

Vera Adetobi, since her childhood, had always dreamt of living abroad and had secretly nursed this ambition through growing up. She has done a few explorations on the best places to live on the planet and having decided on the destination she wanted, she and her family embarked on a study trip to the united kingdom which is just approximately six hours away from home, and upon arrival at their destination in the U.K, they made a lot of discoveries. Armed with a lot of information, they helped several other families to pursue their dreams of living abroad too, many of whom are happily settled with their families in their various destinations particularly in the United Kingdom. This inspired Vera to put together these experiences in a book to help as many as she can to fulfill their living abroad dreams and to make it known that moving abroad with one’s family is not as difficult as it seems when armed with the right information. She’s a graduate of Industrial Relations & Personnel Mgt from the University of Lagos Nigeria, and in pursuit of a master’s degree in the United Kingdom.